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Authorized Toshiba Provider


Tech Connect maintains critical power equipment across the Rockies. We cater to facility managers and IT Directors to ensure their data centers, hospitals, server rooms, and machinery have a dependable source of electric power.

When your organization can’t afford even a second of power disruption, every second is costly. When you call Tech Connect, you always talk to one of our local team members. Tech Connect technicians are available 24/7 to respond to your emergencies and our 4 hour response time is the best in the industry. In a power emergency, we minimize your downtime so that you don’t suffer losses.



Being local matters. Our entire team is located near Salt Lake City, where we developed and built our own external bypass switch. We are an authorized service provider of Toshiba and other recognizable brands, so you not only get a local team, but the global resources of companies like Toshiba, APC Schneider, Vertiv and Eaton.

Beyond our exceptional response time, we’re also able to create a personalized partnership with every customer. We stay in touch with regular visits when you are growing, changing or planning to improve your critical power supply.



From Toshiba UPS systems to our own top-quality external bypass switch, we know this industry inside and out. Founded in 1994, we operate with over 100 years of combined technical experience. Our team of technicians have extensive experience working with all brands of UPS systems. We have been factory trained constantly taking training courses to understand new technologies. The X-Switch bypass switch was designed in-house and has become the standard for quality, usability and safely.

When a loss of power is a massive danger to business, who you choose to service your equipment matters. You not only get emergency service and preventative maintenance for your UPS, PDUs and external bypass switches, but you also have expert partners to keep you updated on current technology and trends in Toshiba battery technology and other systems we use.

As your critical power partner, we get to know your business. So we’re not only experts in our fields; we become experts in your business’s critical power needs as we find ways to proactively create a safe environment for your business to grow. We take ownership of our UPS units and switchgear and know the systems better than their owners.


What do you stand to lose during a power outage?

Precious resources are at risk if your facility can not ensure dependable power.

If you have a faulty generator, ATS or external maintenance bypass switch, your UPS might not pick up the load in the event of a power outage.

Through maintenance and our 24/7 emergency response, we ensure your facility’s uninterruptible power supplies, ATS, switchgear, and generators run at peak performance. Regardless of brand, (Toshiba, APC Schneider, Eaton, Vertiv) we create reliability that can change the fate of your company in the event of a power outage.

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