Tech Connect power


Tech Connect keeps your critical power equipment running. Our technicians are available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and critical power issues. Our team responds to your call quickly and supports you through the process of resolving your electrical power emergency, and we shorten the time that you are down. Our team of technicians have extensive experience to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. We keep many critical components and parts on hand to get your critical power back up and running quickly.



Being near you matters. Our entire team is located near Salt Lake City to provide the local presence needed in every critical moment. Being local can not only provide the quickest response time in an emergency, it also creates a personalized partnership with every customer. We stay in touch with regular visits when you are growing, changing or planning to improve your site. We also continue to support your business and provide you with the knowledge and recommendations for all projects. You not only get emergency service and preventative maintenance, but you also have expert partners to keep you updated on current technology. You can rest assured knowing that Tech Connect is just a call away.



Quality service and constant support are requirements when your business can’t lose power. We do this with over 100 years of combined technical experience, providing specialized solutions for each customer. As your partner we know your business by working alongside you and proactively protecting your critical power through preventative maintenance. Your time and critical power is important, when you call you will be connected directly to your sales engineer who will address your concern immediately.


We at Tech Connect have been the premier local vendor for uninterruptible power for over twenty years. From the beginning, we have focused on providing quality UPS equipment and personalized service. As time went on, we realized the need for each customer to have a comprehensive understanding of their entire critical power infrastructure. Today, we continue to offer equipment and service to help each customer better understand their critical power needs through site surveys, power presentations and personalized site one-lines. By doing so, we help eliminate single points of failure, overlooked equipment and provide complete site solutions. We partner with our customers to take a proactive approach, applying our expertise to their business, so they can provide the best for their customers and employees.  We honor all terms of our contracts, go beyond what is expected, solve emergencies day or night and are professional and respectful. We continue to uphold our standards to provide a Reliable, Local and Responsive experience each and every day to give you the experience you deserve.

Dan Chambers (Owner/President)