Ben Forsyth


chris lassig
Sales Engineer


jordan kingsford
Sales Engineer


Kylee Castro
Service Scheduler


Christina Castro
Operations Director



suzanne horne
Accounting Manager


adam bennett
Lead Technician


Nick Payne
Sr. Technician


Kasey Cloward


Sales EnginEers

The Sales Engineers at Tech Connect have diverse backgrounds that allow each one to provide excellent customer service for each of our clients. They are constantly learning about new products in the industry and how those products can best serve their clients. Their main concern is keeping their client educated and updated on new products, and to keep the pricing competitive.

Each engineer is available 24/7 to provide emergency support and coordinate service for every customer. They help new and existing customers by providing quality and personalized service.

Office Support Staff

Our support staff at Tech Connect supports the sales engineers and field service technicians and helps them meet the needs of each customer. The Service Manager has been with Tech Connect for over 11 Years and knows each site and contact by name. With this experiance, each customer can feel secure that Tech Connect knows them and has their best intrest in mind. The Operations Manager comes with a strong history of project management and a "Get the job done" attidude, provide constant support to stay united and focused. They make sure that we respond to emergencies at every site as if they were our own family. Any inquiry regarding billing, scheduling, service or emergencies can and will be answered by any member of the support staff.

Field Service TechNicians

One of the greatest strengths of Tech Connect is its Technical Department. Between the technicians, we have over 50 years combined experience on all makes and models of UPS equipment and other critical power gear. Each technician has his own experience, his own background, his own training, and they use that expertise to help each customer in their critical power needs. They collaborate with the sales engineers to provide applicable recommendations to improve reliability and add additional layers of redundancy to our customers current infrastructure. Each technician knows how important security and privacy is to you and they complete regular background checks and drug screenings to ensure security for your equipment and company.