At Tech Connect, we strive to understand every customer and their needs with an on-site Analysis. Each site is a unique discovery opportunity for us. We take the chance to walk through with you to learn about your business and really listen to what is important to you.

This process includes creating a One-Line diagram, visualizing how your critical power works, and understanding what you experience in an outage. By doing this, it allows us to make personalized recommendations that fit your needs.

Our One-Line diagram service is popular among business owners who want to keep their operations running with the utmost efficiency. The diagram serves as a type of “flow chart” for electrical energy, which allows engineers or maintenance workers to make alterations with little to no disruption.

Power Box

 Beyond the obvious benefits of maintenance, our One-Line diagram:

  • Provides helpful information in the event of an emergency, showing shutdown procedures.
  • Gives an explicit representation of the layout of the facility to aid in the planning of future expansion.
  • Establishes a benchmark for power loads of each section of the building.



Power Procedures Diagram

By understanding how critical an outage is, we can evaluate cost needs, save time and help reduce downtime, which impacts your business, your employees and your customers.

We identify key indicators in your site such as, equipment real estate, cooling needs, correct equipment sizing, and growth projections to insure your site operates in prime condition.  We strive to be sensitive to budgets, buying processes and project timing.

After gathering this information, we can facilitate site improvements, plan for growth, future design to avoid single points of failure, increase redundancy and provide complete site monitoring/management.  This value is key in making your site top of the line.