Batteries are the life-blood of the UPS system.  Batteries are placed in series to create one large string to provide power to your equipment.  If there is a single bad battery within a string, it breaks the chain and results in downtime.  

Battery age is also commonly overlooked and batteries are forgotten. Typically you can expect 3-5 years of reliable service life but many factors can affect that. Environmental factors, maintenance, and operation strain will affect the life expectations. Many sites have taken a proactive approach to their batteries by installing a battery management system and by doing this, can extend battery life. With regular preventative maintenance visits, you will always receive personalized recommendations based on included site-specific data. These recommendations are designed to assist you in making budgets and future decisions that will increase your site’s reliability and provide you peace of mind.

When batteries begin to age and wear out, then health and run times of the batteries rapidly decline.  By the end of the battery life, an original runtime of ten minutes can be reduced to seconds.  Letting batteries go untested or uncared for, will result in missed indications of early failure.  These signs can be corrosion, swelling, cracking, overheating or leaking of acid. Below are some examples of what can happen to your batteries if they are not cared for.


We partner with many manufacturers and distributors to provide a high-quality battery that will prove its value with excellent performance. We use our experience to help you avoid mistakes and downtime. We are committed to providing the quality and value you deserve.

In order to keep your Uninterruptible Power Supply in optimal shape,  you need to care for it as you would anything else of value.

Critical power equipment needs routine maintenance inspections to ensure all components are operating at full capacity, especially the batteries!  Routine inspections can ensure reliability and extend the life of your UPS equipment.

Each battery is different and has a different life span. Most large batteries have a 4-7 year life span and small batteries 3-5. Battery monitoring (Generex) and Preventative Maintenance is essential to understand the batteries and be proactive with their health. Please contact one of our sales engineers to find out more information.

Batteries are charged in series which causes over and under charging. This creates shorter lifespan for the batteries. Generex is a Battery Management system that allows each battery to receive the precise charge it needs. By charging each battery at the correct float charge, the battery reduces problems, increases lifespan and becomes more reliable. Please contact one of our sales engineers to find out more information.

When a battery has failed “open cell,” it has failed in way that it will no longer allow electrical current to flow through it. There are typically ~40 batteries installed with a UPS. These batteries are connected in series and not for redundancy. One open cell battery will leave the entire battery bank useless and will drop your critical load. Please contact one of our sales engineers to find out more information.

There are many factors that determine battery life.  Environment, temperature, size and use (as in how heavily used).  Most small batteries should last 2-4 years. Larger batteries should last 4-6 years in normal conditions.