Battery Monitoring System


Traditional battery monitoring systems show you weak batteries, but they cannot do anything about it.

Generex BACS is the only battery system that controls the charge level of every battery individually, so all the batteries are balanced. Other systems show you the voltage of each battery, but Generex does much more!

The Generex BACS systems control the voltage of each individual battery, as well as provides web-based monitoring of each battery’s voltage, impedance, and temperature.  This process continually maintains each battery’s ideal float condition, which increases their longevity and manages them constantly. Generex software also allows for data trending and discharge recording.

The most frustrating part of buying UPS batteries is replacing them so quickly. Typically, a 10-year design life battery requires replacement after just half of that time. The principal cause of this is over and under charging. The UPS is designed to charge the batteries as one single battery since they are in series. Many companies monitor the string of batteries to identify if any problems occur but don't actively do anything to fix the known problem. The Generex BACS offers a complete battery monitoring and active management solution. The BACS modules are a revolutionary innovation in the battery world, that allows every battery to maintain its specified float voltage with the precision of 1/100 volt. Doing this, extends your battery life, the replacement timetable and with the BACS system you can also manage any other critical equipment you want.


Battery Voltage

So, what does this mean to the business owner?

How can load-balanced batteries save you money and maintenance costs?  Research has shown that overcharged batteries run slightly warm and dry out, causing them to die prematurely. Undercharged batteries on the other hand will sulfate over time, resulting in underperforming assets. The Generex BACS system maintains the ideal manufacturers float voltage condition for each battery in the string, reducing or even eliminating these problems.

Constant monitoring will also detect a battery failure and will not hide it.  Therefore, you will spend far less on battery replacements as the years go by when the Generex system is in use.

The unit gathers critical information on every type of battery, such as lead acid, wet cell, and other non-modular battery units. The feedback from this data tells you about every discharge and recharge and how the battery performed with each task. Beyond extending battery life, the Generex management system also allows you more control over how your facility is run.

The Generex system can also monitor UPS equipment and is compatible with a large array of facility sensors and alarms. This allows sites to combine whole facilities to one system which can include temperature, humidity, control breakers, generators, environmental sensors and more.

Generex BACS is also IFC compliance as standard with the ability to detect and preclude thermal runway conditions.

This battery-by-battery management and alarm/sensor monitor is a proactive measure that goes well beyond the capabilities of other monitoring systems. With this revolutionary change to traditional battery care, you will wish you would have heard of it sooner.


Battery Management


Learn More About Generex

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Generex can monitor and control:

  • Batteries
  • Breakers
  • Generator activity
  • Fuel level sensors
  • Environmental Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, etc.)
  • And more

Generex Management Includes:

  • BACS UPS Monitoring
  • Battery Management
  • Full History & Display Data
  • A Full Range of Sensors
  • Compatibility with Non-Generex Sensors
  • Customized Alarms (Email or SMS)
  • Remote On/Off Controls
  • Live Data Feeds
  • Network & Remote Access
  • Custom Site Maps

Each battery is different and has a different life span. Most large batteries have a 4-7 year life span and small batteries 3-5. Battery monitoring (Generex) and Preventative Maintenance is essential to understand the batteries and be proactive with their health. Please contact one of our sales engineers to find out more information.

Batteries are charged in series which causes over and under charging. This creates shorter lifespan for the batteries. Generex is a Battery Management system that allows each battery to receive the precise charge it needs. By charging each battery at the correct float charge, the battery reduces problems, increases lifespan and becomes more reliable. Please contact one of our sales engineers to find out more information.

When a battery has failed “open cell,” it has failed in way that it will no longer allow electrical current to flow through it.  There are typically ~40 batteries installed with a UPS. These batteries are connected in series and not for redundancy. One open cell battery will leave the entire battery bank useless and will drop your critical load. Please contact one of our sales engineers to find out more information.

There are many factors that determine battery life.  Environment, temperature, size and use (as in how heavily used).  Most small batteries should last 2-4 years. Larger batteries should last 4-6 years in normal conditions.

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